Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Things I Do Instead of Blogging

I'll do pretty much anything to avoid something I feel obliged to do, even if it's something I actually want to do. I keep telling myself I need to come up with something interesting to write about on here, and then I put it off and instead choose to do any of the following:

1. Crochet

2. Read creepypasta or watch scary movies. Even though I really, really shouldn't.

3. Watch hockey on the laggiest laptop in the world.

4. Check my Google Reader every ten seconds for new lolcats, musthavecute, and this really awesome vintage blogger.

5. Facebook

6. Twitter

7. Tumblr

8. Spam my Love with incoherent babble.

9. Think really hard about blogging.

10. Not blog.

And yes, I did just make an entire blog about not blogging to distract you from the fact that I still haven't come up with anything interesting to blog about.