Saturday, November 13, 2010

And in case anyone is wondering, yes I am using polyvore as an excuse not to make a real blog post. (:

So I saw a commercial on TV for a pro-infidelity website today, and it really pissed me off. Not just because it's pro-cheating, but also because I can't believe any channel would actually let that onto television. Seriously, you've gotta be a real greedy sleezeball to let that on TV just for a little extra money.

In other news, I hate the dog I dog-sit. Yet I keep doing it. For free. And I do not know why. And before you ask, I do actually love dogs, and most other animals (peacocks can suck my dick). This dog is just... brutal. Seriously. It's about as big as I am, and it thinks "no" and "down" and "stop" mean "play" and "trample" and "howl incessantly". I'd count the bruises I have from the last day or so, but I'd probably lose track.

Tune in next time for the story about why I hate peacocks.

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